Complete Gamification Module Elevate user engagement to new heights with our comprehensive gamification module, adding a layer of excitement and interactivity to your platform.
Casino Immerse players in an unparalleled online casino experience, offering a diverse range of games and cutting-edge features for a thrilling gaming environment.
Sportsbook Experience the thrill of sports betting with our dynamic sportsbook platform, providing live in-play options and a wide array of sports and events to cater to every enthusiast.
CRM Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with our CRM tools, ensuring personalized interactions and effective management of customer relationships.
Affiliate System Boost your platform's reach and revenue by implementing our affiliate system, creating a network of partners to drive user acquisition and engagement.
No-code customizations CMS Take control of your platform's appearance and functionality effortlessly with our no-code customization CMS.
BI BI Make data-driven decisions with our powerful Business Intelligence tools, providing insightful analytics and reports to optimize your platform's performance and maximize success.
Full Featured Back-office
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  • We offer a full-featured back-office that is designed to make your life easier and your casino more successful.
  • Our back-office is built around the needs of online casino operators like you. With intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to consolidate business data, manage games, content, and users, and get the KPIs that matter in one place.
  • Real-time BI systems allow you to build and quickly correct your marketing policy, while analytics tracks the performance of both marketing and financial metrics such as GGR and NGR.
  • Our back-office is designed to cover every aspect of the player’s journey, from tracking visits and deposits in real-time to providing detailed and customizable reports that always give you the whole perspective.
  • We also understand the importance of security and role based access control. That’s why our back-office provides access to certain parts of the system depending on the user’s role, and saves a history of changes with time and account, so you can always track who did what and when.
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